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Crane Item Details

Item: Wilkie model 52XLR on Ford F-750 SOLD

Item ID: 2-27-16

Price: $0.00

Description: Wilkie model 52XLR on customers Ford F-750 New Wilkie model 52XLR mounted on a Clients existing Ford F-750 .

This unit features 52 feet working height.

1000 pounds lift capacity on the main winch (under the new OSHA crane operators certification) and 200 pound capacity on the jib winch in the basket.

Two man power level power and rotate basket.

Hydraulic rear out and down outriggers. Full rear step bumper, lamp box plus aluminum under body tool boxe.


This unit is sold and awaiting pick up by another wise client to add to their growing fleet of Wilkie equipment. Call Bryan or Darrel today to purchase one similar to this one at (405)235-0920.

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