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Crane Item Details

Item: Wilkie model 65XRB on 2017 Ford F-750 SOLD

Item ID: 8-2-17

Price: $0.00

Description: Wilkie model 65XRB on 2017 Ford F-750

All hydraulic crane with lifting capabilities of 2800 pounds full extended or a maximum lift of 5000 pounds.

Two man basket power level, power rotate with controls at both the base and in the basket with 65 feet of working reach and 47 feet of side reach at 0 degrees

The bed on this truck is 16 feet 6 inches of wood deck and has a 2 foot by 3 foot by 8 foot lamp box behind the cab as well as a 10 foot side lamp box.

This unit also features tool boxes under the bed as well as a full rear step bumper with a receiver socket and trailer plug.

This unit also has front and rear out and down hydraulic outriggers for great stability.

The Cab chassis has AC, AM/FM/ Clock radio CD, Cruise Control, Tilt steering, 300 HP diesel engine, 6 Speed automatic transmission. Odometer is showing under 6500 miles

This unit is custom painted to match their fleet of other Wilkie units.

This unit is sold and awaiting client pick up. Call Bryan or Darrel to purchase your own Wilkie unit today at (405)235 -0920

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